The Great Need of Humanity

What is humanity's great need? Food, clothing, shelter—material things? These indeed are necessary to support a material sense of existence, but they are not the primary need, the essential need, which must be met and satisfied that men may have the health, happiness, comfort, and peace for which they yearn.

Matter never can meet the deepest needs of men. Only an understanding of spiritual truth can do that. This has been proved times without number in human experience. How often have mortals had their material wants supplied, even to the point of satiation, only to turn with loathing from the objects of their desires, convinced of the inadequacy of matter to bring them the happiness for which their better self craved! Matter can never supply that for which humanity's true selfhood yearns, and for which it will continue to yearn until it is satisfied—spiritual riches!

"As he journeyed"
May 20, 1939

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