Our Rightful Place

An urgent matter of discussion amongst the nations of the world today concerns the need for territory suitable for colonization. Increasing populations demand room for expansion in some place where they may settle and be in a position to support themselves, and provide adequately for their own needs and those of their families. Again, in the industrial world it is the opinion of many that under present conditions it is impossible to find employment for all those who are seeking work. We are told that every branch of activity is already overcrowded, and that labor cannot be absorbed effectively and economically.

Thus does human opinion dictate, and so-called human wisdom decide. But why should we accept and believe such a disheartening prospect? Should we not, rather, earnestly question whether or not it is indeed true? Whatever material statistics may be offered in support of these theories, however plausible they may seem to be, after searching examination it will be found that such conclusions are based upon erroneous foundations.

Our Great Exemplar
May 20, 1939

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