It was with joyous expectancy and a grateful heart that...

It was with joyous expectancy and a grateful heart that I recently graduated from a large Western university. It was a happy occasion, instead of a time of apprehension, because I knew that Christian Science, understood and rightly applied, is capable of meeting any and every problem which may present itself. To me, the greatest part of the rich and healing ministry of this religion is in helping us to understand the Science of Life.

Christian Science has been both a preventive and a curative in my life. One healing for which I am especially grateful took place when I was still in grammar school. A callus had developed on the ball of one of my feet and had grown to such proportion that it was very painful for me to stand. For some time the condition did not yield, but it was finally pointed out to me by a practitioner that I was cherishing a deep hatred toward one of my playmates in school. I was told that I must learn to love the child of God. At the time, it seemed almost impossible for me to do this, but at last my heart became filled with love. Then the callus completely disappeared. The hardness of hateful thinking had indeed been melted away by the consciousness of divine Love. This was the first time that I had seen how thought controls the body and that consequently, in order to manifest a healthy body, it is necessary to accept and reflect only the thoughts of God. This lesson in the healing method of Christian Science impressed the truth of its teaching so forcibly upon me that I have never since seriously doubted its divine authenticity.

Testimony of Healing
I have been a student of Christian Science for over...
May 20, 1939

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