With great gratitude I recognize and acknowledge that...

With great gratitude I recognize and acknowledge that the tender, loving ministration of Christian Science has never failed me when I have turned to it in need. As a child in a Christian Science Sunday School I would repeat the words, "God is Love," and slowly, but surely, in the years following, the profound meaning of those words has been unfolding in my consciousness until each healing experience stands as a memory of a time when I needed and gained a more practical application of divine Love in my human affairs.

One summer, when about to set out for a visit with friends who were some distance away, I felt ill, but continued to my destination, where I became worse and was in much pain. Before I could get into communication with a Christian Science practitioner, I went to the home of relatives, who expressed great concern and fear. That night, when things seemed very dark indeed, I clung trustingly to the twenty-third Psalm, repeating it gratefully, meekly, in thought. I had never felt so near to my Father-Mother Love. The next day, after Christian Science treatment, the pain disappeared and, at the same time, a great uncovering of resentment and self-will occurred in my thought. The world suddenly became a new place, and there followed the complete healing of what material medica would call a nervous breakdown, including stomach, heart, nerve, and bowel troubles. This healing opened my eyes more than anything else had done to what Christian Science really is, and became a turning point in my thought, proving to be just one step for me in the upward way of divine Love.

Testimony of Healing
In the Bible we read, "Let the redeemed of the Lord say...
September 3, 1938

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