Through the healing of my father, who was pronounced...

Through the healing of my father, who was pronounced to be dying of an incurable ailment, the gates of Truth were opened to me when I was a child. This was followed by the restoration of a little brother, whose general frail health was improved at the time he was healed of pneumonia. My own experience was that of a painless and quick setting and mending of a broken arm; and later, with the help of other faithful practitioners of Christian Science, there was a rapid and permanent healing of what was called galloping consumption, and a few years later of pernicious anemia. Following this, physical ailments were few and far between and readily overcome. I am grateful for the healings of grief, worry, and self-pity, and for a continually growing understanding of the power of God's law.

At one time in Montana I had an experience that should not remain untold. A party of friends, summering in the mountains, climbed to the top of a waterfall for a picnic lunch. The stream was swift and clear, and so beautiful that I sat down on a flat, dry rock at the edge and leaned over to dip my fingers in its crystal coolness. Feeling perfectly secure, I was unprepared for the force of the current that seized my arm and threw me off balance. The rocks my hands touched under water were so slippery they afforded no hold, and suddenly found myself in the rushing water, and being carried downstream.

The Way
July 30, 1938

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