Progress, the Law of Love

In true progress there is no stagnation, no inertia. Progress is advancement, development, a getting somewhere. A sparkling reservoir may illustrate progress. It is clean, healthful, and useful. It accepts abundantly, and it gives again freely. A stagnant pool, on the contrary, has no outlet, no overflow. It receives, but having no outlet it is useless and unwholesome.

How easy it is to trace an analogy! The active, useful Christian Scientist, pure in heart and eager to be helpful, accepts the abundant goodness of God joyously. His thought is open, and he acknowledges the source of all good to be the loving heavenly Father. He receives to give again. He recognizes no obstacle to good, no obstruction to the continuous flow of that supply which meets every need. And he realizes that he cannot hold good within his grasp to hoard it or take it out of circulation. His clear thinking is like a reservoir, receiving good only that it may be shared.

"Think on these things"
January 15, 1938

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