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I have been interested in Christian Science since 1915

I have been interested in Christian Science since 1915. I am now a member of The Mother Church and of a branch church, and have had the great privilege of enjoying class instruction. I am deeply grateful for the blessing which Christian Science has brought me, and through various experiences have come to see how unfailing this teaching can be proved to be when rightly applied. The farther we go in it, the better we understand that Mrs. Eddy, through her selfless and sacrificing achievement, has left us true riches, and we want to express our thanks to her for them. May the following testimony be a help also to other truth-seekers!

Over two years ago I called on a doctor because my state of health seemed to be causing my friends alarm, and I therefore wanted to get information on several points. So I tried to describe my apparent difficulty to the doctor, but I did not know very well how to do this. The doctor soon noticed, too, that I brought up a definite denial of each statement. He would have had me understand that I could not possibly defend myself against a difficulty which, as he said, was part of my fate, and which I must accept as such, and as a doctor he would provide some relief, if I accepted his treatment and gave up Christian Science. Of course, that was out of the question. He tried a last time to win me over by saying, "Don't you believe that any miracle will happen, but just give in; the time for miracles is not of our age." In his opinion I was suffering from a nervous breakdown, from which I could not be quickly healed. Loving friends stood faithfully by me, and with them I could always know that my affairs were in God's hand. Difficult nights had to be overcome, yet my business suffered no harm and I was constantly reminded of the fact that Love is present.

Testimony of Healing
When Christian Science was first presented to me by a...
January 15, 1938

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