True Self-Expression

[Written Especially for Young People]

The youth of today yearns for self-expression, and rightly so. However, an understanding of true selfhood is essential before much progress can be made toward this goal. It will readily be seen that when one knows what characteristics go to make up the real or true man, one is not deceived by false qualities masquerading as good.

For instance, when one knows that purity and contentment are qualities of true selfhood, one is not tempted into thinking that smoking and drinking are types of self-expression. When one knows that obedience and trust are the true, one sees that disrespect for law and order and cynicism are the false. And when one is armed with a knowledge of the freedom to be gained through an understanding of the attributes of true selfhood, one is fully protected from the belief that obedience and conformity are opposed to the expression of selfhood and are forms of inhibition and restraint.

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