Christian Science was first brought to my notice in the...

Christian Science was first brought to my notice in the year 1915, but eleven years elapsed before I turned definitely to this Science for help. It occurred in this way. Suffering from continual attacks of malaria, I was ordered to take quinine regularly to combat the disease. The use of the quinine did anything but improve my health, and I took aspirin constantly to relieve my headaches. These remedies proved of little avail, so I turned to God in my distress. When searching through an old box I came across a copy of The Christian Science Journal, and the thought came to me that perhaps this was God's answer to my prayer. I read some of the metaphysical articles and they brought great peace and joy to me. That night I slept soundly for many hours, and when I awoke I realized I was a new man. I possessed a copy of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy, and this I began to study daily. The first outward and visible sign of healing was the loss of the desire to smoke and to partake of alcoholic beverages. The former desire has never returned, but at one time I was compelled to seek assistance from a practitioner in order to overcome the claim that alcohol was a necessity in my business or as a refreshment. At the time this healing took place I was in receipt of a pension for part disablement due to malaria, and when I presented myself for re-examination the Medical Board expressed surprise at my improved condition. However, they would not give me my discharge then, but told me to return in twelve months. At the end of this period they considered me fully recovered, and congratulated me.

At the time I came into Science one of our children, who was not quite three years of age, had trouble through the bowel protruding, and we had been informed by a doctor that this condition might continue for several years until the child grew up and the muscles strengthened sufficiently to function normally. This case was taken up by a practitioner and the boy was healed. The inharmonious condition never reappeared. On another occasion a bad attack of mumps was overcome within forty-eight hours with the aid of a practitioner. Other ailments common to children have vanished into nothingness when handled by Christian Science.

Testimony of Healing
I wish to express my gratitude for some of the things...
August 21, 1937

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