Nothingness of Evil

Christian Science is proving to mankind the utter nothingness of evil in all its forms. We should keep this carefully in thought while finding our way into the kingdom of heaven—that blessed way wherein Love satisfies the hungry heart with joy at every step. Evil has many presentments, and some may seem more real and more difficult of destruction than others; but we need not be dismayed if somewhere along the way the errors to be overcome look formidable, for when error is seen as unreal it is never formidable.

Progress, being spiritual, is the law of man's being, and every day should find the alert Christian Scientist with increased understanding of the spiritual facts of being. Thus he advances, with each day's efforts, to know God better as Principle, Love, and realizes better man's eternal unity with God. He knows that no evil can be present or have power, because divine Mind is all-presence and all-power.

The Sanctity of Home
August 1, 1936

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