Hast thou grown weary of the lifeless creeds,Devoid of inspiration, vision, power?Have prayers importunate, entreating GodFor good already here and now bestowed,Left thee with silent lips and faith grown cold?Then turn from rituals and empty formsUnto the holy shrine where Spirit dwells,And learn the way to worship God aright.Find here the Church established on the rockOf Principle divine, where Truth and LoveAbide, and from whose altars constantlyArise the prayers of understanding faith.Upon these upward-soaring wings is borneThe healing of all sorrow, sickness, strife.Baptismal streams of Spirit purifyThy consciousness of selfishness and sin.Here taste the bread of Life, and knowing thusTrue substance, eat and never hunger more;Drink of the wine of Truth and Love supreme,Conferring vision inspirational.Lift to thy lips the cup of sacrifice,And on the altar of an unselfed loveLay human will; then in the sanctuaryOf silent prayer surrender self to God:When, lo, the touch of Love's descending thoughtsLike angel visitants shall rest on thee.And then, arise, newborn of Spirit, God;Go forth to prove the law of Love SupremeO'er every evil thought, or word, or deed.Reconsecrate thy consciousness anewTo comforting and healing all mankind.

Signs of the Times
July 11, 1936

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