Christian Science was introduced into my experience...

Christian Science was introduced into my experience when I was a student in high school, about twenty years ago. It reached my mother and me indirectly through what is now known as the Monitor circulation work of a Christian Science branch church; and this fact has always served to illustrate to me the power that lies in the smallest seed of Truth expressed and the value of Christian Scientists' letting their light shine through loving and living the truth. Surely, the church worker who brought Christian Science to us was doing just that, for I have seen an ever-increasing unfoldment of good as a result of that first contact. This also exemplifies the far-reaching effect of church activities, for I am now an active member of that same branch church and am endeavoring in turn to let my light shine. It has seemed like the result of dropping a small pebble into a pool of clear water: the circles, though small in the beginning, have increased and widened until the influence of that apparently small act can hardly be estimated.

At first I did not especially feel the need for physical healing, but I yearned for a better understanding of God and for a happier and more harmonious sense of existence. Both of these needs have been abundantly met, and I can truly say, "My cup runneth over." Through the help of practitioners there have been physical healings as well, such as the overcoming of constant headaches when in high school, and the removal of warts, which numbered more than two dozen, greatly disfiguring my hands, and which dropped away gradually, leaving no marks. The tendency to worry and to assume a burdened sense of responsibility in the home and at business has greatly diminished, and with this freedom has come a stronger and more normal sense of general health and well-being. A lingering cough was overcome several years ago through the realization that the warmth of Love filled all space, including my consciousness, our sense of home, and the consciousness of those in the home by whom I thought I had been wronged. After gaining the sense of Love's everpresence and the warmth and protection of divine Love, I found myself free from all resentment and with no trace of a cough.

Testimony of Healing
Through the many years in which I have been studying...
July 11, 1936

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