While yet a beginner in the study of Christian Science...

While yet a beginner in the study of Christian Science I was healed of very painful and frequent headaches by reading and clinging to the truth, as set forth by Mrs. Eddy on pages 390 to 393 of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures." When the headaches occurred I would go into a room where I could be alone, and in spite of the severe pain I would endeavor to "rise in the strength of Spirit to resist all that is unlike good" (ibid., p. 393). My first efforts were not successful, but steadfastness in the emphatic denial of error and firm affirmation of the truth soon won my freedom from this condition. That was twenty years ago, and I have never had a headache since. Encouraged by this healing, I was able to meet instantly upon its next occurrence another painful condition of long standing, and this healing also has been permanent.

Other disturbing physical conditions disappeared about this time, though no specific work was done for them. In later years, because of a certain experience, I dropped the study of Christian Science, and during that time I developed what were termed tubercular glands of the neck. Being unable to stand the pain from the swollen glands I resorted to operations, one after another. After I had suffered for two years from this condition, which was growing worse all the while, the surgeon told me that I was going to die. As a last resort he sent me to a tubercular specialist to see if anything could be done for me. The specialist told me that the only chance I had was to get out in the sun, adding that there was no time to lose. I knew the sun could never heal me, but I felt that Christian Science could, so I turned wholeheartedly to it and studied that winter as I had never studied before. In the spring the swelling returned as alarmingly as ever, but with the aid of a practitioner the pain was overcome and the healing began. That was the last severe attack, though a slight swelling occurred from time to time only to disappear quickly. Constipation gave way after I began regular attendance at the church, of which later I became a member.

September 28, 1935

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