The Broad Field of Christian Science

One who has learned something of the facts of existence as taught in Christian Science, and practices what he knows in his daily duties, soon realizes that his experiences can be made steppingstones to a wider, deeper understanding of God and man. It may be that he who has gained an insight into spiritual reality, and who rejoices in this new hope and vision, may be tempted to look upon difficulties as obstacles to progress, instead of as precious opportunities to try his new-found spiritual understanding in exploring the hitherto untraveled realm of spiritual thought, which for him is shifting into light.

To the seeker for spiritual realities, ever new treasures of divine inspiration are being brought to light, and they transform the drabness of limited mortal concepts into the unlimited beauty of spiritual unfoldment. Thus, little by little, he is spiritually equipped to meet and conquer the impositions of false material sense.

Why "stand aghast at nothingness?"
September 28, 1935

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