One Perfect Causation

On page 71 of "Miscellaneous Writings" Mrs. Eddy states that "all actual causation must interpret omnipotence, the all-knowing Mind." Spiritual causation is inseparable from the omnipotence and omniscience of God, good. Christian Science enables one to understand man's spiritual origin and heritage and to rejoice daily in the evidences of the new birth. It scientifically exposes the impotence of everything that claims to misrepresent the perfect and all-inclusive cause named God. Divine Principle, God, being the continuing cause of man's life, intelligence, and health, these are never intermittent, for the laws of divine Principle everlastingly maintain these characteristics of spiritual being. Spiritual law is never checked in its operation, nor diverted from its beneficent purpose.

This is the one perfect premise and conclusion in which the Christian Scientist is empowered to abide, and this abiding leaves him no alternative but utterly to deny the false claim of material causation and law and the ensuing afflictive beliefs. It is strengthening to realize that only that which emanates from God is invested with power, and that every phase of evil is therefore as causeless and powerless as it is godless.

September 28, 1935

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