Safe Transportation

During the summer holiday season, more than ordinarily, people are moving about from place to place in different kinds of conveyances. For this reason attention may well be fixed, more than at other times perhaps, on what is generally referred to as transportation. Because of the prevalent belief that transportation is or may be accompanied more or less certainly by delay, hindrance, obstruction, or even by accident, it will be helpful to give this subject some careful consideration from the standpoint of Christian Science.

First of all it will be well to recall that in his real nature man is not a material organism with a mind inside of it which is in need of being transferred from one place to another in space or in time. Man is a permanent, fixed idea of Mind, eternally in his right place in Mind's spiritual universe. He does not, therefore, have to be transported or removed to some place or to any place. He is eternally there because he is always expressing the omnipresence of Mind. The belief that he has to be or could be moved about is only a belief of the human or mortal mind. His heavenly Father, divine Mind, sees man as unmoved and unmovable, reflecting always the eternal stillness, or restful activity of being.

June 29, 1935

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