In a recent letter on the subject of "Humanism" a correspondent...

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In a recent letter on the subject of "Humanism" a correspondent expressed certain incorrect opinions about Christian Science, and associated that religion with other teachings with which it has nothing in common.

Christian Science is not an "opiate," as was represented by the writer. Instead, its purpose and accomplishment are the awakening of mankind from the incubus into which it has been plunged by dependence on the false testimony of the physical senses, by blind belief in the studied superstitions of the ages, religious and otherwise, and by submission to enslaving mesmerisms of the carnal mind, which, as Paul said, is "enmity against God." Whereas for centuries, men have been confused and darkened by the belief in the reality of matter, sin, and disease, Christian Science, in harmony with the Scriptures, makes it clear that this belief of life in matter is a mistaken belief—a "vail that is spread over all nations," as spoken of in Isaiah.

By sweeping aside the mists, Christian Science has again revealed the spiritual facts of creation as taught and demonstrated by Christ Jesus, by prophets and apostles. Thus, true being is found to be in the divine likeness, spiritual, harmonious, eternal. Christian Science has accepted the challenge of material systems and has called the world to witness the demonstration of this new-old truth which reforms the sinner, heals the sick, overcomes poverty or limitation, and increases longevity.

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