The past sixteen years have been the happiest ones of...

The past sixteen years have been the happiest ones of my life, because this time has been earnestly devoted to the study of Christian Science. Membership in a branch church in which I served in different capacities has been a joyous activity, followed by membership in The Mother Church and the privilege of helping others along the way. During this time various ills have been overcome, also problems of supply and accident, but a recent experience is outstanding in my thought because of a former one under the so-called law of material medica. The former experience was diagnosed by a physician as nervous exhaustion, which necessitated confinement to bed for a period of six weeks with a trained nurse in attendance. At the end of that time, when the strongest dose of medicine failed, I was sent to a resort for time and climate to heal me.

Later the argument again put in an appearance, but this time it came to be destroyed, and this was accomplished in three weeks under Christian Science treatment. What a different experience! Instead of thinking of it as a loss of time, accompanied by discouragement, it was seen to be a time of overcoming, a time of thought ascension, a time for the writing of my "new name." The problem became a steppingstone, an opportunity to put into practice the truths imbibed through the years. With the help of a practitioner, I was able to overcome the fear. I remembered that materia medica gave a dose every hour; so I took my spiritual dose every hour, and during the interim I allowed nothing to enter my thought that "defileth ... or maketh a lie."

Testimony of Healing
I suffered from very unpleasant and painful hemorrhoids
March 16, 1935

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