When one is in need of encouragement, failing to receive healing from some form of material treatment, he may find himself in the same state of thought as the man at the pool of Bethesda who had been a sufferer for thirtyeight years. Like the man at the pool, however, he too may receive instantaneous healing, because the truth which Jesus realized for this man is here today with all its healing power, to be demonstrated for anyone who relies upon it fully.

During the past sixty-odd years multitudes of impotent folk, blind, halt, and withered, have found salvation from inharmonious conditions of the flesh through the study and application of Christian Science, which is based upon the words and works of Jesus. They have found that it was not necessary to continue in bondage to man-made laws of sin, sickness, or disease, for freedom and health are ever at hand. Also, they have learned that it was not necessary for them fully to understand the teachings of Christian Science before healing could be realized, for today, as in the case of the impotent man of long ago, acceptance and radical reliance upon God-given and God-fulfilled promises result in healing.

Putting First Things First
March 16, 1935

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