Many times we hear it said, "How can a mental process...

Many times we hear it said, "How can a mental process affect a physical disability?" I wish to give my grateful testimony of the power of Truth to heal.

One day while polishing the floor I unthinkingly bent over the end of a heavy couch and with my left hand attempted to lift it back into its place. As I did so, I felt something give way in my back, and then I found I could not straighten myself. Immediately I began to declare the truth that I was wholly spiritual, that I really lived in Mind, not in matter, and that nothing could injure God's child. I also gave thanks that I was realizing that fact. I was then able to straighten myself slowly, although with difficulty. The first suggestion that came to me was that I should not be able to finish the work; then, that I ought to lie down, as I was feeling very week and tired; but I felt that if I did that I should be acknowledging the condition as a reality, so with great difficulty I finished what I had begun.

Testimony of Healing
It is with more gratitude than words can express that I...
December 28, 1935

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