Exaltation is the established fact of God and His creation. Calmly visioned and held to by the student of Christian Science, this spiritually scientific fact works a remarkable change in his character and daily life. Mrs. Eddy writes (No and Yes, p. 12): "Christian Science Mind-healing can only be gained by working from a purely Christian standpoint. Then it heals the sick and exalts the race." The "purely Christian standpoint" exalts the power of God in human thought and demonstrates the triumph of Mind over sin, disease, and death. These errors can never be exalted to the status of reality. Righteousness, health, and life being spiritual, they are never exposed to the depredations of material sense.

"Let not the rebellious exalt themselves." Omnipotence is not overthrown by impotence. Christian Science teaches one how to quell the sin that would exalt itself above the righteousness of God made manifest in man. It teaches one how to deal with the lying claim of physical disease that would exalt itself above health, and with the decay that would exalt itself above eternal life. Every student faces the joyous task of proving that "the right hand of the Lord is exalted: the right hand of the Lord doeth valiantly." Through spiritual reliance he is equipped to prove his exalted status as God's witness. The "right hand" of deific power exalts one above belief in doubt, anxiety, loneliness. It rescues one from the humiliating admission that one is more or less of a failure, both in character and in achievement. Discouragement is apt to add its weight to the already burdened heart when one believes that by some power of his own, separate from God, he must rouse himself from the mental coma into which he seems to have sunk, and that if he should fail in this, he will not be healed. This attitude would subordinate the healing might of Mind to human effort.

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Items of Interest
December 28, 1935

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