It has been my privilege to experience and prove the...

It has been my privilege to experience and prove the healing and regenerating power of Christian Science and its practical availability in human affairs.

Christian Science was first brought to my notice in the year 1932. I had been ailing for some time, had had much medical advice and treatment, and finally, after X-ray examinations, I was pronounced a consumptive and ordered to a special instituion for rest and open air. My medical advisers warned me to be prepared to remain there for three months and possibly six months if my condition did not improve. At this juncture the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, was handed to me, and I took it wit me into the sanatorium. The first few pages which I read removed at once a terrible sense of affliction and hopelessness, and a new hope sprang up in me. Within six weeks of reading the textbook and other works by Mrs. Eddy a remarkable change had taken place in my physical condition. I was then put in touch with a practitioner and absent treatment was given for one week. At the end of this period not only was my healing complete, but I was pronounced cured by the medical staff of the sanatorium and was sent home. I had had no medical treatment of any kind during the whole of this period, but had merely been under observation and taking a rest.

Testimony of Healing
Before I became interested in Christian Science, hardly...
December 28, 1935

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