Peace and Poise

There is an old saying to the effect that it takes two to make a quarrel, and it is obvious that if one of two persons who seem likely to become involved in a quarrel calmly refuses to become a party to it, there will be no quarrel. The ability of an individual to refrain from quarreling, contending, criminating or recriminating in such circumstances would depend largely upon his ability to maintain a sense of mental poise and peace. Should he fully succeed in maintaining his mental and spiritual poise, there would be no quarrel and no possibility of consequent physical conflict. The prevention of such an undesirable and unprofitable conflict may, at times, be greatly facilitated by wise self-restraint on the part of witnesses or bystanders. For the bystanders to partake of the excitement, anger, rancor, and ill-feeling might result in the whole neighborhood or community eventually becoming involved.

As with individuals, so it is with nations. For this reason a dispute, quarrel, or conflict between two nations may, through the belief of mental contagion, augmented by alarming reports, fearsome predictions, and selfish motives, become epidemic, thereby affecting, if not involving, all nations.

October 19, 1935

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