Enlarging Our Borders

All who love Christian Science want to see its beneficial influence extended as far and as fast as is consistent with Mary Baker Eddy's wise provisions for promoting and protecting its stately operations. A growing host of men, women, and children are praying daily to be shown how they can be of constantly increasing usefulness to the Cause which they know is destined to free mankind from all sin, sickness, and death.

To all such sincere workers sooner or later comes the realization that the great Cause of Christian Science will progress in exact proportion to the progress of the individual students of Christian Science throughout the world. Thus follows the inevitable conclusion that the primary and ever most important service that any and every student can contribute to the steady progress of the Christian Science movement is daily to enlarge his individual understanding and demonstration of the teachings of Mary Baker Eddy. In that service we all share equally, in both the opportunities and the responsibilities involved.

"It's a family affair"
October 19, 1935

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