In our family healings through Christian Science have...

In our family healings through Christian Science have been many and varied, some of which were of sprains, heart trouble, smallpox, measles, broken bones, hemorrhoids, tuberculosis, impetigo, acute appendicitis, influenza, and painless childbirth.

Over three years ago, when we were living on a ranch without telephone or daily conveyance, a healing that occurred through the small understanding I possessed gave me more trust in the power of good. I was using an electric washing machine, the eldest boy helping me, when a small son screamed. He had caught his arm past the elbow in the wringer. Both bones above the wrist were fractured and pushed against the skin. I was so shocked for an instant I could not think, until the eldest son said, "Mother, shall I run for help?" Instantly I realized my duty and answered: "No! the only help we can need or have is here and now and always present! We do know the inseparability of God and His idea, man, and your part is to help declare this truth." I continued to voice the truth aloud, gathering the child into my arms, and almost instantly all was quiet and the crying had ceased. I did not look at the arm again, and in a few moments put the child down and continued my washing, rejoicing, without any sense of anxiety or burden. When my husband returned that evening we related the incident, and upon examining the arm we found the bones had set perfectly. The arm has never caused the child any difficulty and is normal.

Testimony of Healing
It is with fond recollections and profound gratitude that...
July 28, 1934

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