God Is Governing

The assurance which Christian Science gives of the great spiritual truth that God is governing all that is real is wonderful. And it is all the more wonderful when we consider the chaotic state in which the world often apparently finds itself. For do not we see a continual striving for place and power among men, with evil frequently in the ascendant? Do we not observe in what is commonly called nature a fierce struggle taking place for existence, with the physically strong repeatedly overpowering the weak? Throughout the entire so-called material creation a battle is apparently being waged, sometimes with good, sometimes with evil prevailing.

How in the face of the apparent lawlessness of mortal existence can the Christian Scientist declare that God is governing? He can do so because God and God's creation have been truthfully revealed to him by Christian Science. God is infinite and perfect Mind or Spirit; and since He is infinite, nothing the opposite to Himself in reality exists. And what of God's creation? It consists of perfect spiritual ideas, since God is perfect Mind. It cannot be doubted that God, the infinite One, is perfectly self-governed; and because His universe or creation is the expression or manifestation of Himself, it must likewise be perfectly governed. As Mrs. Eddy puts it on page 258 of "Miscellaneous Writings," "In divine Science, God is One and All; and, governing Himself, He governs the universe."

It must be obvious from the above that in its revelation of the nature of God and His universe, Christian Science does something which is startling, to say the least of it, to material sense. What it does is to deny entirely as real the so-called material creation and all that pertains to it. Thus, it denies reality to matter in any shape or form. It denies that matter has either real presence or power. It denies existence to material law, affirming that what mortals call material law is naught but false belief. And, further, since God is perfect, since He is infinite good, it denies reality to evil and to all the seeming effects of evil. If Christian Science were to accord to matter or evil any least real presence, power, or law, it would be denying that God is infinite Mind, infinite good, and the upholder of perfect spiritual law. But it does not do so; rather does it ascribe all presence and power to God, the infinite Lawgiver, thus proclaiming that He is governing all reality.

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God's Protecting Power
July 28, 1934

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