Keeping the Fourth Commandment

To remember and observe the Sabbath day in an orderly and truly profitable manner, in spite of the urge to do many worldly things, calls for thoughtful reasoning and consistent decision. In former days we may have searched out ways to fill leisure time, but nowadays we must choose from a multiplicity of claimants for our precious hours and busy days. The progressive world offers such an array of travel, instruction, and pleasure that we are continually obliged to select that which is most to our liking and most beneficial. These many offerings fill our days and weeks to overflowing, and on Sundays material attractions are multiplied.

Devoting the Sabbath day to spiritual study and contemplation of the truths learned, clarifies vision and gives a basis for sound judgment and reason by which mistakes and deceptions are avoided and one is led in paths of peace. However, it can hardly be expected that such study limited to one day will carry one through all the legitimate demands of six other days without struggles to overcome obstacles and temptations. The added understanding of spiritual supremacy gained through study on the Sabbath day should be earnestly maintained throughout each day, in order that one may realize proper guidance and peace and continue to be spiritually progressive.

"Now are we the sons of God"
September 23, 1933

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