Orderly Employment

THROUGH the study of Christian Science we learn that God is the only cause; that He is infinite Mind, Principle, ever active, and that the real man, in God's image and likeness, constantly reflects or expresses the continuous, harmonious, immutable activity of his creator.

How different is this true understanding of man's activity or employment from the records of fluctuating employment contained in industrial history! Why this difference? Because industrial history records the testimony of the material senses instead of the spiritual facts of existence. The teachings of Christian Science enable us to see unemployment as an error, and to establish in consciousness and experience the reality of continuous employment. Although exposing the error of unemployment, this religion of Love also helps us to be grateful for the many sincere human efforts that are being made to help mankind in this connection. In so far as they are worthy, these humanitarian movements may be helpful; but these activities alone are not sufficient. There is a greater work to be done. This work is to think rightly. Spiritualization of thought is the only way to effect a complete and permanent relief.

In Christian Science we understand that so-called material conditions express human concepts. Harmony and goodness are results of right thinking, and discord of any sort is a result of wrong thinking. The way to remove discord, then, is to entertain right thoughts in place of wrong thoughts; that is, to accept the ideas of divine Mind in place of the illusions of mortal sense. This is as true of the discordant condition called unemployment as it is of any other inharmonious manifestation. The questions arise, What are the right thoughts we must grasp, and what are the wrong thoughts we must get rid of, to overcome unemployment?

Building through Spiritual Understanding
May 6, 1933

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