For eleven years I have been studying the books written...

For eleven years I have been studying the books written by Mary Baker Eddy and other authorized Christian Science literature. I am most grateful for them all; my whole outlook on life with its many problems has been altered. My daughters have been healed quickly of whooping cough, of quinsy in three days, measles, mumps, severe earache, also throat trouble, and they are enjoying the benefit of being taught in the Christian Science Sunday School.

My first physical healing was that of an abscess in a tooth. I had frequently suffered from this trouble and had lost several teeth owing to the same cause; but this time my husband and I put into practice the little understanding we had of Christian Science and I did not go to a dentist. We declared the truth of "the scientific statement of being," as given on page 468 of the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy, and denied that matter had sensation. In an hour the pain ceased, the swelling quickly went down, and I was able to eat a meal comfortably. This was ten years ago. The symptoms have reappeared, but each time, as I have remembered the blessing of the first healing, and held steadily to the truth, refraining from mentioning the symptoms of pain, they have soon been overcome.

Testimony of Healing
In deepest gratitude I would exclaim with the Psalmist:...
May 28, 1932

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