I am unceasingly grateful for the many blessings that...

I am unceasingly grateful for the many blessings that have come to me and mine through applying Christian Science. The healing that stands out very prominently is one that came to my daughter some time ago. While she was jumping rope on her way to mail a letter, the rope became entangled in the wheel of a large truck that was passing and dragged her, causing the vehicle to pass over one leg and injuring the other. She was picked up unconscious and taken to a near-by hospital. A few minutes later the news reached me, and while I was almost overcome with fear I repeated, "Accidents are unknown to God" (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy, p. 424), until I reached by telephone a very loving practitioner, who took up the work in Christian Science.

Because I knew that "with God all things are possible," when I arrived at the hospital, the first thing I told the authorities was not to do any amputating under any circumstances. I made my decision immediately between material laws, so called, and God's laws. A few minutes later I saw the doctor in charge of the case. He was very quiet and merely shook his head, but I turned away from his decision and looked to God as "a very present help in trouble." I called the practitioner on the telephone and told her the verdict made by the doctors later, that the child would be deformed for life if she ever pulled through at all, and that she would never use her leg again. The practitioner's firm understanding of the truth about God and man and the statements of truth she made to me, lifted me out of fear. She said that materia medica was not law, but only a belief, and that it did not make any difference what the doctors and nurses said or thought about it, as they had nothing to do with God's law; that we were working with God, and were under God's law of harmony alone, and that the child would come out of this whole.

Testimony of Healing
When I was a young girl I was fond of the Russian...
May 28, 1932

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