In your February 11 issue a correspondent criticizes certain...

Muskegon Heights Record

In your February 11 issue a correspondent criticizes certain statements made in a lecture on Christian Science recently given at Muskegon. Perhaps the misunderstanding of what was said arises from the correspondent's failure to perceive the distinction which the lecturer made between man's real, spiritual nature and the contradictory evidence which the physical senses appear to afford.

Your correspondent asks, "Will someone please explain how we can be ill and really never sick at the same time?" The question answers itself when it is changed to read, "How can two lines of rails meet on the horizon and really remain parallel at the same time?" Dozens of times a day in the experience of every one of us, reason comes to the rescue of the physical senses and enables us to accept conclusions which do not harmonize with material superficial evidence. If sin, sickness, and death are "divine revelations," as your correspondent believes, then the outlook for mankind is a gloomy one indeed. It is reassuring to remember, however, that Christ Jesus did not so regard them, for he caused them to disappear by subjecting them to the superior evidence of man's spiritual perfection which his own exalted understanding unfailingly discerned.

Christian Science does not pretend that sin or sickness can be healed by ignoring either. It does insist, and it demonstrates, too, that both sin and sickness can be overcome progressively through the acceptance of what the Apostle Paul described as the "mind . . . which was also in Christ Jesus." The Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy, in the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," made this significant statement (pp. 341, 342) : "In Christian Science mere opinion is valueless. Proof is essential to a due estimate of this subject. . . . If Christianity is not scientific, and Science is not of God, then there is no invariable law, and truth becomes an accident. Shall it be denied that a system which works according to the Scriptures has Scriptural authority?"

November 12, 1932

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