The Open Door

The study of Christian Science awakens its adherents to be ever alert for the voice of Truth. Many times God talks to us through the simple occurrences of everyday life. A little incident which happened some time ago had an inspiring message for the writer.

On a beautiful summer morning she stepped into the granary to get food for some chickens. A little bird flew up, frightened and alarmed, apparently thinking itself a prisoner trapped in a dangerous place. At once it began a desperate attempt to free itself, and in doing so beat its little wings against the closed windows. Time and again it tried, until at last it was exhausted. During a moment of quiet resting there suddenly trilled a happy note from a brother bird sitting in a tree in front of the open door. The prisoner lifted its head and saw its happy brother. With a bright chirp it flew to its newly realized but never lost freedom.

Sophistication or Sincerity?
May 2, 1931

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