Probably no subject engaging the world's thought today is receiving more earnest attention than that of substance. In the light of modern discoveries and inventions material concepts of substance are constantly being revised to conform to new vistas of Truth and reality.

A dictionary defines "substance" as "that which underlies all outward manifestations; . . . the permanent subject or cause of phenomena." Human experience teaches us that everything in the material realm is in a constant state of flux and change. A popular hymn declares that "chance and change are busy ever;" and one of the theories of so-called material science claims that as soon as anything material comes into manifestation the process of change immediately sets in which will ultimate in eventual dissolution. It is self-evident, then, that we cannot find a permanent cause in the material realm. We cannot look to that which is impermanent, unstable, changing, and dissolving to find there that which is permanent, stable, unchangeable, and eternal.

May 2, 1931

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