Spiritual Gravitation and Reward

Referring to "material and spiritual gravitations," on page 19 of "Miscellaneous Writings," Mrs. Eddy then puts this vital question: "Which, then, shall be our choice,—the sinful, material, and perishable, or the spiritual, joy-giving, and eternal?" This choice of opposites every individual is constantly making, whether he knows it or not; and as he chooses rightly he will constantly progress, for of these two courses of action only one is real. Christian Science helps one to make the intelligent, liberating choice from the standpoint, not of material desire, but of divine Principle. This so raises the standard of mortal thought that it ceases to be mortal and gradual spiritual transfiguration takes place in human consciousness. The Christian Scientist's purpose and endeavor is to be in the world only in a helpful sense, always intent upon proving that man is wholly spiritual. Although he is not an ascetic, a recluse, nor a scorner of simple pleasures, the Christian Scientist who is truly honest and in earnest resists such material distractions as would militate against spiritual gravitation and progress.

Material sense assumes materiality to be the prelude of immortality. It would have us believe it impossible and even undesirable to escape in any marked degree from materiality this side of the grave. It suggests that at the present time materiality is satisfying and spirituality unsatisfying; it argues for procrastination in overcoming. Material sense presents mental darkness in place of spiritual enlightenment, and bondage in place of dominion.

May 2, 1931

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