When I began the study of Christian Science, the fact...

When I began the study of Christian Science, the fact that I had found the religion which has as its basis an understanding of infallible, demonstrable law made me very happy. Questions which had always troubled me were answered, and many physical ills left me as the truth was understood. This new-old religion was very new to me, and I struggled very hard to prove what I had learned. I found that we need diligence in our study, promptness in our application of what we have learned through it, and perseverance in following the truth until the goal is attained. We are assured that infinite Love, which will meet and destroy every false suggestion, temptation, or sin, is our helper. And we have only to trust with our whole heart to find our Comforter at hand.

With the aid of a practitioner I have been healed of corns and also of oily hair; also, severe cramps have vanished completely. This Comforter came to me in the form of instant protection when I spilled three cups of boiling liquid down my neck. The minute the liquid struck me I declared, "God is Love." I changed my clothes and went about my business as usual. Error seemed to strike at me from every direction, but I held steadfastly to the truth. I refused all material aid and asked to be alone for a few minutes. No blisters appeared, and I did not experience any pain; and half an hour later there was no trace of the accident.

February 21, 1931

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