Over thirteen years ago I had a complete nervous breakdown

Over thirteen years ago I had a complete nervous breakdown. All material help, even that of one of the best nerve specialists in the city, was of no avail. Through Christian Science I was completely healed. I should like to lay great stress upon what it meant to be healed through Christian Science, for depression often follows a nervous breakdown; but through the application of the teachings of Christian Science the morbid sense faded into its native nothingness. This meant much to me.

Since this healing we have had many wonderful proofs of the ever-presence of God through applying Christian Science. My husband, our three children, and I have very often realized the great benefits derived from this wonderful study. Recently I experienced a wonderful healing through Christian Science. Many friends said an operation would be necessary, but through the untiring efforts of a practitioner I was healed. Words indeed fail to express my gratitude for this, as to mortal sense the suffering was intense. My sincere desire is that I may be able to help others through the understanding of Christian Science, as I have been helped.

Testimony of Healing
My earliest impression of Christian Science was that it...
February 21, 1931

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