Refuse to Consent

One feels that when the aviator takes his place at the controls of his aeroplane preparatory to making a solo flight across the ocean there is one thing, at any rate, of which he must be positively certain. It is this: If he is to navigate his aeroplane in safety through the uncertain and unknown possibilities encountered above the seething waters of the ocean, he must not for a single moment give his consent to sleep. If during the dark hours of the night he should permit sleepiness to grow upon him while he grasps the controls of his machine, the end would probably be disaster. Therefore, by patient and persistent effort he must deliberately train himself to refuse to consent to every suggestion of sleep at that time. Then he may be able to say, when landing on the farther side, "I could have gone on."

We do not have to study Christian Science very long before we begin to see that too often we are giving our willing consent to many undesirable suggestions which have no inherent power to force any one of us to give that consent. Christian Science shows us that the discord and failure entering our human experience are largely brought about by the giving of our consent to that which should not enter our consciousness, and which in and of itself has no power to force such an admission.

"Blind from his birth"
August 9, 1930

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