Life as Love

NOTHING ever written has thrown more light upon the deific nature and attributes than Mrs. Eddy's use of the seven synonyms for God given on page 465 of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures." When each is considered, both in its intrinsic meaning and in its relationship to all the others, an illumination of God's nature and purpose is had, of priceless importance to mankind. According to this description, God is Life, eternal and changeless, and infinite Love, imparting its transcendent qualities to the whole universe, to the entire creation, including man. This fact grasped in its full significance would, indeed, destroy the whole round of belief in evil, in all materiality, in everything unlike Life and Love.

God is Life, and God is Love. Life is expressed in existence, eternal, imperishable, in life which knows no death, for God's ideas are coeternal and coexistent with God. Love is manifested in loveliness, in spiritual harmony and peace which knows no hate, nothing unlike Love. Mrs. Eddy's words (Science and Health, p. 17), "Love is reflected in love," preclude the possibility of hatred or any phase of malevolence ever entering into the realm of reality, where Love alone presides. These spiritual facts translated into human experience mean this: To love, that is, to reflect the Love which is God, is to live, and, per contra, to hate is to die. Since Love is infinite and all Life, there is no true existence apart from God; that is, there is no death. But, when mortals fail to hold consciously to the fact of man's forever expression of Life and Love, they depart from the way of Life; they accept as true the illusion that life inheres in matter and is always expressed in some manner of material existence.

Disappearance of Error
August 31, 1929

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