Mounting Testimony

A familiar incident related in the Gospels tells of the messengers sent by John the Baptist to inquire of Jesus if he really were the long-looked-for Messiah, who was to establish God's kingdom on earth, or should he continue to look for the coming of the Saviour. The practical Nazarene, knowing the great superiority of works over words as witness-bearers, performed certain cures before the very eyes of the messengers. This done, he bade them return to John and tell him of the wondrous things which they had observed; how the blind were made to see, the deaf to hear, the lame regained the ability to walk, lepers were cleansed, and, more marvelous than all, even those who were thought to have died were restored to their sense of life. All this as witness to his Messiahship!

What marvelous proof of the power of Spirit to destroy even the deepest seated of human beliefs did this incident afford! How much greater were the impressions made upon John's messengers by the actual demonstration of healing than could have been made by any doctrinal statement of the Master's! None knew better than he that the weight of such evidence was constructive, and could not be overthrown. In the face of such demonstration, no effective denial could be made of the fact that the power of Spirit was being utilized to destroy the false beliefs which then so greatly harassed and still continue to distress and harass mankind. The thrilling pertinency of this incident has lost nothing of its importance through the passage of time. Its message is equally potent to-day. Works count. With the increase in the world's population and the improved facilities for expression, words may seem to have lost something of their primal potency; but the works as test of the soundness and practicability of a proposition have lost nothing of their weight as evidence.

The Healing Law of God
June 8, 1929

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