Christian Science is classed with "mind cure" and "newthought"...

Fort Scott Tribune

Christian Science is classed with "mind cure" and "new-thought" in an article by "a Layman," published in a recent issue under the conspicuous heading, "How to Avoid Sickness." The article deals entirely with the so-called human mind as the mental agency through which beneficial or baneful effects are produced in the human body, and as he apparently has no accurate understanding of Christian Science it is not surprising that the writer of the article considers "mind cure," "new-thought," and Christian Science as closely related methods of healing. Will you, therefore, kindly grant me space to correct this erroneous reference to Christian Science?

It is God, divine Mind, upon whom Christian Science radically relies in its healing work; and this complete reliance upon God distinguishes Christian Science from all other mental means of healing, so-called mind cure and new-thought included. All such systems of so-called mental healing rest upon the belief of a mind which is supposed to be dependent on a material brain. The Apostle Paul calls this supposed mind in matter the carnal mind; and further defining it he says it "is enmity against God: for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be." Hence, Christian Science wholly disregards the so-called human mind as a factor in its healing work; for it is plain that if the carnal mind "is enmity against God," it could by no possibility have any part in the healing work of Christian Science, which is based entirely upon the understanding of the divine Mind, God, as the only true healing power. The Christian Scientist, therefore, in destroying disease utilizes the truths of immortal, divine Mind to eliminate from the human mind its false, mortal beliefs, which are the procuring cause of all discord and disease.

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