Webster defines the word "position" in part as follows: "Manner or way of viewing somethings; mental attitude; the ground or point of view adopted with reference to any particular subject." According to this definition, position is a mental state or condition. Mankind has long regarded position as something wholly material, as material employment or a material place. When one refers to his position in business or society, he is generally understood to mean that he occupies his position with the aid and consent of others, who occupy positions both above and below him in the same way that he occupies his. Hence we hear of positions being given as gifts, handed out as rewards, or obtained in some other of the devious ways of mortal mind.

Position is also regarded as something that may be lost or taken away at any time. Thus it is that men fear lest they be removed from their position and others be put in their place; lest business depression cause them to lose their position, or at least to be separated from it for a time. They regard their position as a material place of great uncertainty and danger, which they occupy temporarily, but from which they may be tossed at any time by circumstances which are entirely beyond their control.

Walking with God
July 28, 1928

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