The syndicated article appearing in your recent issue...


The syndicated article appearing in your recent issue under the caption, "My Religion," is timely, indicating, as it does, a serious search for truth and righteousness; but the article misinterprets both the practice and the basis of Christian Science, confusing them with certain suggestive systems and philosophical theories that are wholly dissimilar. The distinguishing characteristic of Christian Science is that in its purely spiritual practice, nothing but salutary results can accrue, which cannot be said of the mental methods often erroneously identified with it, whether mental suggestion, concentration, Couéism, or other hypnotic systems, the practice of which, along with the use of formulas, is expressly prohibited in Christian Science. Suggestive systems, one and all, have in them the possibilities of harmful consequences. These identical questions were raised in connection with the ministry of the Master, who explained that his healings were not wrought through "Beelzebub," but through divine power alone, and that only good resulted. He pointed out that those who were apparently relieved through what must have been erroneous mental methods might experience a temporary sense of healing, but that "the last state of that man is worse than the first." Moreover, anyone giving proper thought to this question will readily see that if it is admitted that good can be suggested, evil can also be suggested; and evil suggestions are apt to find the more ready acceptance. Before the recent annual convention of the Canadian Medical Association cases were cited "where disabilities originated in absolutely healthy people through suggestion," thus furnishing competent medical testimony as to the dangers attending suggestive therapeutics.

Just as the author of the article in question fails to grasp the distinction between the spiritual therapeutics of Christian Science and systems in which the so-called human mind is regarded as a healing factor, so has he failed to grasp the Principle of Christian Science and its teaching regarding God and man, failing to discern the irreconcilable difference between its truth and the philosophical hypotheses to which he refers. In "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" Mary Baker Eddy has elucidated the Principle of her discovery, revealing God as the one infinite, divine, omniscient Mind, and demonstrating that this Mind is not in man, and that the real man has no righteousness or intelligence of his own, but reflects this righteousness and intelligence—all spiritual qualities, including immortality, being inherent in the one perfect Principle, or Mind, and by man reflected. Christian Science urges on humanity the necessity of having "the mind of Christ;" and it is through obedience to, and demonstration of, the divine fiat, "Thou shalt have no other gods before me," that Christian Science is bringing physical, mental, moral, and spiritual well-being to mankind.

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