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For many years I suffered from a disease in my feet,...

For many years I suffered from a disease in my feet, accompanied by excruciating pain. It seemed necessary to amputate part of the left foot; but after the foot was somewhat healed, after the operation, the disease broke out in three of the toes on the right foot. The specialists from whom I sought help were unable at first to understand my case; and after experimenting to the best of their ability, one after the other gave it up. Lastly, a skin specialist believed he had correctly diagnosed the disease; but even he found himself unable to cope with it, and after a time told my wife that he considered my case hopeless, as according to his experience the disease was incurable. He begged her to break the news as gently as possible to me, letting me understand that my future as an actor was at an end, and suggesting the contemplation of some kind of work which could be carried on while sitting down.

Such was the desperate and sorry condition of things when Christian Science was brought to my notice by a fellow actor who could not help telling me where I could both seek and get help in my great need. A loving practitioner was recommended, and I turned to her for help. The healing was very slow at first, owing to my inability and unwillingness to read on account of the terrible suffering I was undergoing; but through the patient work of the practitioner, the pain gradually stopped; and after several months the healing of my foot began to take place, and continued with phenomenal speed.

Testimony of Healing
I have been a student of Christian Science for seventeen...
May 19, 1928

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