I would appreciate space in your columns to answer a...

Flushing Journal

I would appreciate space in your columns to answer a statement made by the pastor of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Flushing, in regard to Christian Science. The fact that the pastor has never seen any person whom he acknowledges has been definitely healed through Christian Science, proves nothing, except that he is not well informed on the most remarkable religious movement of modern times. With thousands of well-authenticated cases of disease healed through Christian Science; with thousands redeemed from wretchedness, poverty, evil habits, sorrow, and despair; with Christian Science churches in all parts of the world well filled by those who have been healed by Christian Science of some form of physical, financial, domestic, or mental trouble, one only needs to open one's eyes and look to see and learn what is going on. All this has been done in the last half century. But that half century has seen Christian Science tried by the fire of every form of persecution. Its growth has been great, and the basis of that growth has been the Christ-healing, or healing Christ Jesus showed us how to demonstrate.

The Christian Science church holds testimony meetings every Wednesday, and at these meetings time is allowed for the giving of testimonies. All are invited to attend and hear what those who have been healed have to say. Testimonies of healing are published in the Christian Science Sentinel every week, and in The Christian Science Journal every month. These published testimonies are verified before they are published.

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