Uprooting Error

In the experience of every student of Christian Science there are times when the false suggestion of discouragement presents itself. At such times the student may wonder why it is that he has seemed to accomplish so little in the way of demonstrating the truth. He may even be tempted to believe that he has done all that it is possible for him to do, and yet without success.

Consider what such a suggestion as the latter would imply. To believe that as students of Christian Science we have faithfully applied the truth as taught in Christian Science, that we have in no manner left anything undone, and yet have failed to gain the right results, would mean either that Christian Science is not demonstrable or that it is not effective in some cases. Such a suggestion would tend to becloud our gratitude for the many blessings received. But knowing, as we have been taught through our Leader's writings to know, that Christian Science reveals the same Christ, Truth, that Jesus demonstrated centuries ago, that it reveals the truth about God and man, we cannot be deceived into believing that the truth is of no effect. On the contrary, we must realize that because it is the truth it must be demonstrable.

Following the Master in Daily Life
December 29, 1928

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