Man's Immunity from Evil

Christian Science sheds the light of spiritual truth on the real nature of creation, and shows conclusively that the real man is immune from all evil. Christian Science begins by recognizing the supremely important facts that God is the one and only creator; and that God's creation must be like unto himself, spiritual and perfect. It accepts without reservation the statement contained in the first chapter of Genesis that "God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him. ... And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good."

When it is admitted that God is perfect,—infinitely good,—and that His entire creation is likewise perfectly good, it follows that the real man, God's idea, can never experience aught but good. Indeed, it becomes obvious that since it is not a part of God's perfectly good creation, that which men call evil, that which in belief often so grievously assails them, has no real existence, no reality. What a discovery is this of Christian Science, that since good is infinite, evil is unreal! Nothing of like importance has ever been revealed to men. And how wonderfully it explains the immunity from so-called evil the spiritually-minded in all ages have enjoyed! These in some measure trusted God, had faith in good, even to the extent of losing fear of evil; and so escaped evil's depredations.

The Bible gives many instances of the protecting and saving power of faith and spiritual understanding. The Hebrews suffered not the plagues of Egypt, when these so grievously tormented the Egyptians; and they were enabled to escape from the bondage of their taskmasters, and later on to enter the promised land, chiefly through the enlightened faith of Moses. Daniel remained faithful to the God of his forefathers when in captivity with his people, and, with the understanding of Love's ever-presence, was safe in the lions' den. Peter was delivered from prison by the same great agency. Paul suffered no harm when the viper fastened on his hand; and his understanding and faith were equal to the saving of himself and his fellow "shipmen," when they were shipwrecked off the island of Melita. These and similar experiences all proved that, unknown and unseen by material sense, the law of immutable divine Principle is ever active, and that obedience to that law is potent to deliver and protect mankind, in whatever difficulty.

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December 29, 1928

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