Demonstrating Christian Science

It is not uncommon to hear Christian Scientists express their gratitude for the fact that they have found Christian Science to be a demonstrable religion. Many of them are ready to tell that although the religious beliefs they held before taking up the study of Christian Science may have afforded them a measure of spiritual comfort, these beliefs failed to bring them healing from the ills which perhaps for long had troubled them. And they will go on to recount the benefits in healing, in comfort, in consolation, which they have received from the study of Christian Science, and which began to come to them from the first glimmering of spiritual understanding.

Yes, Christian Science is demonstrable. But what does this mean? Everybody knows what is meant by saying that the rules of arithmetic are demonstrable. One may learn these rules, which are based on an understanding of the correct relationship existing between numbers; and having learned them he may apply them to the solution of arithmetical problems, in addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division, or perhaps in the extraction of a square or a cube root. But he does not apply the rules applicable to division when he is multiplying, or those applicable to the extraction of a cube root when the result required is a square root. Briefly, to obtain a correct result in an arithmetical problem one must make the right use of the right rule or rules in any particular case. It is similar in the practice of Christian Science. Here are quite definite rules; and if one is obedient to these rules, applying them correctly to the problems of health, morals, or supply, problems which are common to mankind, the correct result is assured.

The Bliss of Continuous Activity
April 23, 1927

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