None Good but God

Great is the gratitude expressed when through Christian Science mortals are healed of sin, sickness, poverty —the ills to which flesh is heir. When first we realize the goodness of God and His presence, when first we see that health, prosperity, and success are the normal experience of man in God's image and likeness, joy unspeakable floods our being. We feel grateful that we have a divine Principle which is capable of meeting every emergency, and we learn to look forward with confidence to a future free from discord and the fear of evil.

The Bible tells us that God, who is infinite good, created man in His own image. Can man, then, be evil? If God is Love, can man be unlovely? If God is Truth, can man be untruthful? If God is omniscience, can man lack intelligence? No! Man in God's image and likeness can lack no good thing. How gladly do we surrender our false beliefs regarding health! How faithfully do we watch lest sin betray us! How earnestly do we try to realize the power of good, because we know that God wants only good for His dear children!

Mental Litigation
July 24, 1926

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