A Glimpse of Truth

Paddling back from a prolonged canoe trip late one cloudy night, the writer found it difficult to determine how much progress had been made, and whether—as the dim outline of tree tops moved slowly by—the bay, which was the destination, had been passed. There seemed nothing to do but paddle on over the black expanse of the lake until, if the bay should have been passed, a large island would be encountered and provide bearings by which to trace more easily the way back. Suddenly, however, the moon shone out for a few moments between the clouds; and at once the whole environment was clearly visible. Although about a mile from the shore, the canoe was found to be abreast of the desired landing stage; and in spite of the almost immediate closing in again of the darkness, the position was firmly fixed in thought, and the destination therefore quickly reached. One brief glimpse of the true state of affairs was sufficient to leave the mental outlook in a clarified condition, with all uncertainty removed by a realization of the solution.

In thinking of this experience, the writer was reminded of the account in Genesis of the "darkness . . . upon the face of the deep" until there came the command of divine Mind, "Let there be light." It was borne in upon him that while steering our course over the waters of life, uncharted and obscure to mortal mind, we can, through the revelation of Christian Science, gain glimpses of Truth, which shines forever making clear the meaning of its whole universe; and, however brief the glimpse may be, it reveals the way which, once grasped, will be eternally real to us and enable the steering of the course to be carried on with intelligence and confidence. Mrs. Eddy writes in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" (p. 589), "One moment of divine consciousness, or the spiritual understanding of Life and Love, is a foretaste of eternity." So, just as one flash of moonlight made a lasting picture of the position of the canoe on the lake, so one clear thought of God and His relation to man and the spiritual universe gives us a firm foundation on which to base our understanding, and by which to work out our problems.

As in the study of mathematics, when a clear insight into an underlying law has been obtained, all false ideas as to the process under consideration vanish from thought without effort; so, when an understanding of Truth comes like a flash of light in the darkness, the fact revealed remains with its liberating effects, even if to sense the darkness closes in again. A glimpse of the truth has been obtained, and its manifestation will be evidenced. Our Leader writes (ibid., p. 14): "Become conscious for a single moment that Life and intelligence are purely spiritual,—neither in nor of matter,—and the body will then utter no complaints. If suffering from a belief in sickness, you will find yourself suddenly well."

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"Neither do I condemn thee"
July 17, 1926

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