Signs of the Times

[From the New-Church Messenger, New York, New York]

The spread of the Christian Science movement has been one of the most significant religious phenomena of modern times, and many explanations—probably none of them wholly adequate—have been offered for it. We submit one more, not as complete, but as worthy of consideration: Irrespective of the value of his appeal in itself, the Christian Scientist has shown in the making of it a sounder psychology and one nearer to the Christian model than have most of his neighbors. Whereas the average Christian missionary, and especially the average Protestant, says to the world in effect, "Come and hear what I am saying," the Christian Scientist says, "Come and see what I am doing." Try these two forms of appeal on the next child you meet, and see to which he responds more readily. Then remember the Lord's answer to John's disciples (Matthew 11:2—5). Churches in general . . . will appeal to the world as they can present the spectacle of a different and better way of life among their members, or as they will permit the Lord, through them, to confirm "the word with signs following."

June 19, 1926

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